Nestled among the centuries-old trees of the Parc de Mont-Repos, surrounded by lawns and birdsong, the former Orangerie is a magical place. The Marquis de Langalerie commissioned its construction in 1822, to accompany his villa and stables. Built in the beautiful, bright yellow stone of Hauterive, it is now classified as a Swiss national heritage site. Nine majestic windows carve out the 30-metre long south façade.

A height of 6 metres below the ceiling enabled the artist to give birth to monumental pieces under the soft light.

One can also move around the Orangerie using the chairlift that Yves Dana has built and which runs the entire length of the workshop.

The building also houses 200 m2 of vaulted cellars, optimised as a library and exhibition room.

"In the heart of Lausanne, the Orangerie is brimming with romanticism".