Yves Dana was born in 1959, in Alexandria, Egypt. In 1961, the Dana family left Egypt, settling in Switzerland.

Yves Dana received a degree in Sociology from the University of Lausanne in 1978, then graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Geneva in 1981.

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Monographs and catalog of personal exhibitions

2015 "DANA", Text by Tahar ben Jelloun and Matthias Frehner, 400 pages
Monograph & thoughtful catalog - Editions 5 Continents, Milan
2014 "DANA" Text by Guido Magnaguagno, 40 pages
Exhibition catalog, Gallery Carzaniga, Basel, Switzerland

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Solo exhibitions

2019 Ditesheim & Maffei Fine Art, Neuchâtel Switzerland
2019 Bowman Modern, London Great Britain
2018 Yoshii Gallery, New York USA
2017 Taguchi Fine art, Tokyo Japan
2017 Patricia Low contemporary, Gstaad Switzerland
2017 Rosa Turetsky, Geneva Switzerland
2015 Arlaud Museum, Lausanne Switzerland
2015 Bowman Modern, London Great Britain
2015 Rigassi Galery, Bern Switzerland
2015 LKFF, Art & Sculpture projects, Bruxelles Belgium
2014 Rigassi Gallery, Bern Switzerland
2014 Carzaniga Gallery, Basel Switzerland
2013 Ditesheim & Maffei Gallery, Neuchâtel Switzerland
2013 Flora Bigai Arte Contemporanea Gallery, Pietrasanta Italy
2011 Robert Bowman Modern Gallery, Londres UK
2011 Rigassi Gallery, Berne Switzerland
2010 Carzaniga Gallery, Basel Switzerland
2010 LKFF, Art & Sculpture Projects, Bruxelles Belgium
2010 Flora Bigai Gallery, Pietrasanta Italy
2009 Robert Bowman Modern Gallery, Londres UK
2009 Flon Square Gallery, Lausanne Switzerland
2009 Pia Anna Borner Gallery, Lucerne Switzerland
2008 Ditesheim Gallery, Neuchâtel Switzerland
2008 Espace Culturel d’Assens, Assens Switzerland
2008 Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation, Milan Italy
2007 "Yves Dana", Espace Collectivités, Paris France
2006 San Bernardo Gallery, Genova Italy
2006 Simon Studer Art, Geneva Switzerland
2004 Colòn XVI Gallery, Bilbao Spain
2003 Ileana Bouboulis Gallery, Paris France
2002 Jan Krugier Gallery, New York U.S.A
2002 Ditesheim Gallery, Neuchâtel Switzerland
2001 Rigassi Gallery, Bern Switzerland
2001 Veranneman Foundation, Kruishoutem Belgium
1999 Ileana Bouboulis Gallery, Paris France
1999 Krugier-Ditesheim Gallery, Geneva Switzerland
1997 Rigassi Gallery, Bern Switzerland
1996 Ditesheim Gallery, Neuchâtel Switzerland
1996 APC Gallery, Cologne Germany
1992 Alice Pauli Gallery, Lausanne Switzerland
1991 Kokusai Kyoiku Gakuin, Tokyo Japan
1989 Alice Pauli Gallery, Lausanne Switzerland
1985 Alice Pauli Gallery, Lausanne Switzerland
1985 Halles de l’Ile, Geneva Switzerland
1984 Kara Gallery, Geneva Switzerland
1982 Numaga Gallery, Auvernier Switzerland

Collective exhibitions

More than a hundred exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad, as well as in major contemporary art fairs such ART Basel, Art Basel Miami &, Kunst Zurich, Paris FIAC, Art Paris, ARCO Madrid, New Armory Show York, Fine Art Asia Hong Kong, Seoul KIAF...

  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israël
  • Alcon, Fort Worth, U.S.A.
  • Banque Bondpartners, Lausanne, Suisse
  • Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Suisse
  • Banque EFG, Genève et Zurich, Suisse
  • Banque Maerki-Baumann, Zurich, Suisse

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